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Q: How much does it cost to open a Fosters Freeze milkshake and burger franchise?
A: With three exciting restaurants, there is a Fosters Freeze to fit every investor’s community, budget, and entrepreneurial goals! Our investment ranges are as follows:

$178,000 – $331,500
$329,500 – $658,500
Stand Alone
$611,500 – $1,009,000

Q: How much money can I expect to make?

A: We are proud of our industry-leading unit economics and look forward to discussing those with you. Our existing Franchise Owners at stand-alone locations earned an average of $870,728* in sales last year. After completing our Questionnaire and demonstrating financial qualifications to own a franchise, we will then provide you with our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) which contains more detailed financial statements and performance of our Franchise Owners.

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*Numbers obtained from our 2020 FDD

Q: How much is the franchise fee?

A: Our franchise fee is $45,000 for a single Fosters Freeze milkshake and burger franchise location. Ask our Development Director about multi-unit franchise fee discounts.

Q: How much money am I required to have in order to invest in a Fosters Freeze?

A: We ask that our qualified franchise candidates have at least $300,000 in liquid capital and a net worth of at least $600,000.

Q: I want to get started right away, but may need some financing assistance. Do you offer funding?

A: Absolutely! We’ve partnered with Benetrends to provide a variety of small-business funding options to qualified candidates. Click HERE for more information.

Q: I love old-school nostalgia and great, all-American food, but I’ve never worked in a restaurant before. Do you require Franchise Owners to have food service experience?

A: Not necessarily- our initial training program will teach you the ins and outs of operating and managing a fast-food restaurant. However, we do expect our Franchise Owners to possess extensive leadership or management experience, excellent organizational skills, a desire to provide outstanding customer service, and, of course, love and passion for the nostalgic, old-school charm that we serve up with every delicious Fosters Freeze meal!

Q: Is a fast-food concept like Fosters Freeze still relevant in today’s world? Can Fosters Freeze compete with fast-casual and casual dining restaurants in my community?

A: The short answer is YES! Now, more than ever, restaurants are scrambling to pivot their models to accommodate the ‘new normal’ that is a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Thanks to the convenient drive-thru and walk-up service options that have always been a huge part of our business, Fosters Freeze burger and milkshake franchise has been extremely well-equipped to handle these concerns, and our Franchise Owners are reporting booming business across our system!

Q: Are any of the original Fosters Freeze owners from the 1940s still operating their locations?

A: We still have a number of Franchise Owners in our system who have been part of Fosters Freeze burger and milkshake franchise since the beginning, in one way or another. Some of our original Franchise Owners’ children, and even grandchildren, have taken over the family business, keeping the legacy alive. You’ll get to meet some of these extraordinary people during your Franchise Education Process.

Q: How long does it take to open a Fosters Freeze location?

A: On average, a Franchise Owner can expect a ramp-up time of 3-6 months after signing the Franchise Agreement. During this time, you’ll be attending your initial training, overseeing the site selection and buildout of your location, and more!

Q: I love the idea of owning several Fosters Freeze locations in my community. Is there a Semi-Absentee ownership option available?

A: Fosters Freeze Franchise Owners may choose either an Owner-Operator or Semi-Absentee role. Owner-Operators are in charge of the day-to-day operations at their Fosters Freeze location, and are responsible for leading and managing staff, managing daily inventory, reviewing sales and metrics reports, and interacting with customers.
Our Semi-Absentee Franchise Owners work closely with a qualified General Manager to build and manage their team while overseeing high-level operations and potentially scaling their business.

Q: How many employees do I need to run my Fosters Freeze each day?

A: Our Milkshake and Burger Franchise Owners typically need 2-4 full-time employees and 2-4 part-time employees per shift.

Q: How big of a space do I need to accommodate my new Fosters Freeze location?

A: Depending on which of our three available restaurants you choose, we recommend 1,800-4,000 square feet for a stand-alone restaurant, 100-400 square feet for a co-located restaurant, and 100-400 square feet for a confection-only restaurant.

Q: What type of location will be best for my Fosters Freeze milkshake and burger franchise?

A: We find that our stand-alone restaurants thrive in business districts, specifically when they are located near high school campuses. For our co-located restaurants, the sky’s the limit- you can open a Fosters Freeze inside a gas station, convenience store, mall food court, or even airport! We also find that our confection restaurants perform extremely well when located near a busy highway or in a popular tourist spot.

Q: Do you offer multi-unit or developer agreements?

A: Yes, we offer multi-unit agreements and are open to area developer agreements on a case by case basis.

Q: What kind of franchise support can I expect from the Fosters Freeze corporate team?

A: As veteran Franchise Owners themselves, our corporate leaders are proud to offer comprehensive support geared towards Franchise Owner success. Here’s what you can expect from our corporate team:
Initial Training- Learn everything you need to open your doors with confidence in just two weeks at our California headquarters and one week on-site at your new Fosters Freeze location.

Ongoing Support
Network with fellow Franchise Owners on dedicated support committees for answers to specific questions, best practices, and general advice from a place of true understanding.

Field Support
Take the lead on site selection and store buildout, then turn it over to our contractors to handle the interior design to maintain that classic Fosters Freeze look and feel. We’re here when you need us for advice and recommendations as you build your location.

Marketing Support
Keep your marketing budget in check with monthly contributions to our marketing fund, which covers ad templates, regional advertising, social media, SEO, website development, and more.*

*Marketing fund requirements for full-size locations only.

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