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Franchise Owner Testimonials

In our family, most of the adults came directly from Korea and went straight into business ownership. My family thought it would be a fun business venture and a fun departure from retail.

Anna Son

2nd Generation
Franchise Owner
My father bought into the business in 1954, and I grew up working at Fosters Freeze. Now my son has worked with me as COO for 8 years!

Bruce Abbott

2nd Generation
Franchise Owner
My family’s been involved in the previous generation of Fosters Freeze dating all the way back to 1946. I crossed the bridge from working there to owning my own Fosters Freeze back in 1983- it has worked out well for me!

Don Beiderwell

2nd Generation
Franchise Owner

We  LOVE  Making  Customers  Smile!


Love love love this place. Great hamburgers, French fries to die for and soft-serve is yummy. Owner is very nice. He remembers me every time I go there. Highly recommended!

Annette  Nunes
San Jose, CA


This brings me back to the old school drive-in burger joints. If you want a good old burger and fries, or better yet, a dipped cone, this is an awesome place!

Ceres, CA


You know what you’re getting here. Old fashioned grilled burger with fresh toppings and fries. Top it off with a handmade chocolate shake, and you’re talkin’! Great soft serve, sundaes and splits too. Local folks who have taken the old chain to a Clovis personal level. Local favorite.

Clovis, CA


This is a franchise that stays true to the old school, 1950’s version of burgers-and-shakes fast food …Fosters Freeze is simple. It’s a grill, a shake machine, and a deep fryer. Burgers are cooked to order, fries do not sit in a large basket under heat lamps for hours on end, and shakes do not feature low-cal, low-fat options with sub-standard dairy featuring chemically-altered properties. This is your grandpa’s fast food restaurant. And they don’t pretend to be anything but.

Jon C.
Campbell, CA


The food is really yummy, but honestly, the reason I love this place as much as I do is because the owner is just the nicest person. My family and I really enjoy eating here.

Ave M.
Boulder Creek, C

Over 7 Decades of Memories…and We’re Just Getting Started

We asked longtime customers & children of original Franchise Owners…

What  is  your  favorite  Fosters  Freeze  memory?

Our impressive legacy has cemented our position as a true California icon, making Fosters Freeze a LOT more than just another burger and milkshake franchise!

There are far too many memories to share. Like the time when my younger brother “invented” a sundae-sized banana split and we ran a special on “Mike’s Jr. Banana Split.” I was so jealous that it was named after him.

Carolyn Keith Wade

Daughter of an original Fosters Freeze Milkshake and Burger Franchise Owner
One of the lessons I’ve carried with me throughout life is customer service. If you sold somebody a cone and their child dropped it, you replaced it. If a shake was too thin, you made it right.

Bill Powers

Son of an original Fosters Freeze Burger and Milkshake Franchise Owner
I have fond memories of going to the Fosters Freeze in Spring Valley with my parents. I can remember the ride there from our house, through the side streets, before the 125 freeway ever existed. Sometimes on our home way from Kmart (or just a special trip out there), we’d stop by Fosters Freeze for some ice cream and this was my favorite thing to get: A chocolate-dipped cone!

Mary Desjean

Lifelong Fosters Freeze Customer
When [Franchise Owners] the Whites first acquired Fosters Freeze, the business had three trucks. The trucks, which played music as they traveled, delivered ice cream to Delano and surrounding labor camps, as well as to Exeter, Lindsay, and other parts of Tulare. People would line up for ice cream cones and bars, and pile money on the table. My husband can recall purchasing an ice cream cone for 5 cents when the musical trucks came through his neighborhood.

Linda Ruminer

Tulare Historical Museum, Tulare, CA

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