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How Much Will It Cost?

Stand Alone Restaurant


Confections Restaurant


Co-Located Restaurant


Franchise Fee  –  Single Location


Required Liquid Capital


Required Net Worth


* As disclosed in our 2020 Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

Investment Breakdown

Stand  Alone  Restaurant

Our classic restaurant model serves the full menu of Fosters Freeze favorites and does especially well in bustling business districts with nearby schools.

Initial Franchise Fee$45,000$45,000
Point of Sale$5,000$12,000
Inventory to Begin Operations$6,000$20,000
Security Deposits/Utility Deposit$3,000$5,000
Start-up Supplies$1,000$2,500
Travel & Living Expenses$4,000$6,000
MIsc Opening Costs$6,000$6,000
Additional Funds$20,000$30,000

Confections  Restaurant

Our smallest footprint concentrates on the soft-serve side of the Fosters Freeze menu only, eliminating the need for fryers, grease traps, and other complex kitchen equipment.

Initial Franchise Fee$45,000$45,000
Restaurant Opening Assistance Fee$12,500$12,500
Architecture Fee$0$2,000
Design Fee$15,000$30,000
Point of Sale$7,500$25,000
Opening Inventory$2,000$6,000
Security Deposits$7,500$35,000
Start-up Supplies$1,000$2,500
Grand Opening Program$1,000$1,000
Misc Opening Costs$5,000$7,000
Additional Funds - 3 Months$15,000$25,000

Co-Located  Restaurant

Drive foot traffic and minimize your overhead costs by opening a Fosters Freeze burger and milkshake franchise situated in a local convenience store, gas station, food court, airport, or even military base!

Initial Franchise Fee$45,000$45,000
Restaurant Opening Assistance Fee$7,500$7,500
Architecture Fee$0$2,000
Design Fee$7,500$15,000
Point of Sale$7,500$25,000
Opening Inventory$3,500$10,000
Security Deposits$3,500$10,000
Start-up Supplies$1,000$2,500
Grand Opening Program$1,000$1,000
Misc Opening Costs$6,000$8,000
Additional Funds - 3 Months$15,000$25,000
TOTAL INVESTMENT$329,250$658,500

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