The desert is about to get a little cooler, thanks to our ice cream business! After 75 years as a California mainstay, Fosters Freeze is planning to venture a little further east, with a goal to open 4 to 10 Las Vegas-area locations in the near future. 

This good news, which was first featured in Eater magazine, must have come as a happy surprise for the numerous Sin City residents and tourists who used to live in California and have fond, tasty memories of our ice cream business. After all, Fosters Freeze can truly be called one of the first fast-food franchises in California, not to mention the entire United States! 

The Nevada takeover doesn’t stop in Vegas- as Fosters Freeze president and CEO Neal Dahya told Northern Nevada Business Weekly this month, we’re hoping to open 12-15 Nevada locations in total between the Reno, Las Vegas, and Henderson markets.  “We get quite a bit of folks through emails and social media saying, ‘When are you going to open one around us?’” Dahya told the local Reno-based news outlet, adding, “We know many people who grew up with Fosters Freeze are seeking a bite of nostalgic ice cream flavors and tasty hamburgers, and that makes the state [of Nevada] and Reno an ideal market. That, and the added ease of logistics and distribution capabilities.”

California ice cream business Our California Ice Cream Business is Going National!

Our planned Nevada expansion is just the beginning- we’re determined to make our ice cream business a household name in cities across the country, just as it already is all over California. We’re hearing from excited prospective franchise investors across America who want to bring the iconic Fosters Freeze ice cream business to their neck of the woods and spread a little California sunshine to all four corners of the U.S.A. 

First opened in Inglewood, California in 1946, Fosters Freeze has become part of the West Coast culture, with countless fans who have been coming in for tasty eats and special treats since childhood- and who now bring their kids along for the fun! With 65 locations currently open in the Golden State, we’re ready to share the magic with the rest of America, and we’re looking for just the right people to turn our California dream into a reality in their corner of the world.

Ready to be part of ice cream business history? For the first time in three-quarters of a century, Fosters Freeze is looking beyond the California border for qualified Franchise Owners to bring positivity, sunshine, and happiness to their hometowns. Visit our franchise website today to learn more about you can be part of this amazing opportunity.


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